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The colors and accessories you use to spruce up your sofa have a major impact on the rest of the room. Whether you use bright colors or bold patterns, the way you choose to dress your couch should contribute to the rest of the area's color palette and style. The greatest advantage of decorating your sofa is that there are several approaches you can take. Here are three decor ideas for sofas depending on their hues.

White sofas

To add flair to your white couch, go for a bold appearance with bright fuchsias and oranges. These establish a chic, vibrant atmosphere to your room design. Experimenting with these hues makes it easy to test how your space looks when you introduce daring shades.

You can include a mixture of orange and fuchsia throw pillows, blankets, or even a comfortable ottoman. For more texture, choose accessories that have patterns or designs, especially if your room has a theme that goes with specific patterns, such as a vintage style room, which pairs perfectly with floral patterns.

Blue sofas

Light blue sofas help create a relaxing, beachy space. Complement this coastal style with a few vibrant throw pillows. Make sure that the shades you use aren't soft like the color of your couch - decorating with all light shades will make your furniture and accessories blend together and could even make the space appear bland.

HGTV suggests bright, energetic green accessories. Bright pink tones will work nicely with your light blue couch as well, but leave any softer pinks for another room. These vibrant shades also pair perfectly with dark hardwood flooring, which, in turn, complements the nature-inspired theme your blue sofa and green pillows have established.

Pink sofas

A lot of homeowners like to spruce up their homes with pink sofas that contribute feminine flair to the area. If that color scheme will suit your space, try adding citrus shades, such as bright oranges and yellows, to make your space pop. Mix up your textures as well by decorating with velvet, silk, and cotton throw pillows. The contrast of textures and lively shades will create a stimulating room that's sure to turn heads.